Steel Storm. Burning Retribution 1.0
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Steel Storm. Burning Retribution 1.0

A third-person shooter in which hovertanks battle in an alternative universe
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Steel Storm Burning Retribution is a third-person shooter for Windows and Linux where futuristic hovertanks battle against each other. With the enemies fortifying their defense, you have to destroy them before they gain more power.

The game may seem a little old-school, but that is part of what makes it attractive. The extraterrestrial enemies will attack you in packs and explosions will arise at all times. In this alternative universe, in which the war takes place, you will have to complete several tasks in which your advanced weapons will truly come in handy. You will have to unlock areas of buildings, destroy certain structures, find switches for force fields and, of course, bring down enemies. A plan is often needed for you to succeed, so you will enjoy the game if you enjoy tactics.

The game has been built with humor too. The messages appearing when you quit the game might amuse you, such as:"Don't be a wussy..." or "Quitters never win..." and others.

The game was designed with online and LAN multi-player modes too, with up to 16 players being able to engage in the same battle.
Steel Storm Burning Retribution is a game for arcade shooter fans who enjoy being engaged in battle with smart enemies.

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Margie Smeer
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  • Lots of action


  • It is possible to freeze while taking screenshots



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